Unique cycling and walking tours in the hands of local experts. We'll take care of the details!
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    Cycling La Rioja
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    Walking Somiedo
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    Cycling Green Coast
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    Cycling Segovia
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    Donkey Family Trekking
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 Cycling holidays in Spain
Self-guided bike tours in 
Mallorca, Green Coast, Andalusia,
Alicante, La Rioja, Salamanca, Segovia...

Genuine travel experiences in Spain!


 Walking holidays in Spain

Self-guided walking tours in
 Camino de Santiago, Somiedo,
Sierra de Salamanca and Segovia

Pleasant paths, historic villages and
charming hotels!

Donkey Trekking

 Donkey trekking holidays in Spain

Pleasant walking in a company of
a donkey along the paths of
the Sierra de Guadarrama, Segovia

For families and grown-ups!

Family Tours

 Family holidays in Spain

Donkey trekking in Segovia and cycling in Catalonia

Safe cycle lanes and delightful walks,
family friendly acommodation and swimming pools!