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Limiting environmental impact

Cycling and walking are not only a lot of fun but they are leisure activities with a very low environmental impact which also contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.

But perhaps most importantly, walking and cycling tours often take place in or around areas of special natural beauty and higher value in terms of biodiversity, where rare animals or plants require special protection. So, when we choose a cycling or walking tour as a holiday, by choosing to visit these special places, we are adding economic value to the landscapes, habitats and species that inhabit those areas and therefore strengthening the case for their protection. So your holiday helps the environment! 


OUR BIT We believe that small gestures can make a big difference and that is why, at work, we try to take steps to reduce our environmental impacts too. These are some of the actions we are working on just now:

  • Reducing the use of energy and other resources such as water.
  • Recycling office material including paper, plastic, batteries, ink cartridges.
  • Disposing of bicycle components such as tyres and inner tubes responsibly.
  • Choosing environmentally friendly options for bicycle lubrication and cleaning where possible.
  • Cycling into work whenever possible and providing benefits to those who choose to cycle into work.
  • Maximising the tasks done with every car journey.




Organisations we collaborate with in looking after the environment: 

energética coop.         Recyclin Segovia