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Active, self-guided cycling and walking holidays in unexplored Spain

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Cycling holidaysAn easy cycling holiday along cycle paths in Girona, Catalonia

Easy cycling holiday in Girona, near Barcelona. From sleeping volcanos to the white sandy beaches of the Costa Brava. This relaxed tour reveals the many jewels of Catalonia.

"...the Carrilet is amazing - what an easy ride!"

From 1,004 € per person

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Duration:6 nights, 7 days

Dates:March to 31st October

Start:Any day of the week

Location on map of Spain

The route is almost exclusively through valleys and along rivers with no significant ascents.

Cycling surface:Tarmac: 11% - Cycle track: 79% - Dirt road: 10%

Average daily distance / climb:15 miles (24 km) / 579 ft (177 m).


Discover Catalonia in a different way: cycling along easy and safe cycle lanes all the way from the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Whatever your age or fitness level this easy cycle tour is for you... and it's perfect for kids and easy going adult cyclists alike!
  • Explore beautiful landscapes while cycling along a purpose-built rail trail 'The Carrilet'.
  • Hand-picked comfortable hotels, some with swimming pools, some by the sea or beside a river.
  • Explore La Garrotxa Natural Park with its impressive sleeping volcanoes hidden amongst dense woodland.
  • Discover the beautiful inland town of Olot and enjoy its modernist architecture.
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the waterfall 'La Gorga Santa Margarida'.
  • Stroll through the cobbled streets of the vibrant city of Girona and be surprised by its colourful hanging houses along the river Onyar.
  • Two pleasant circular routes mean you spend two nights in some hotels so you don't have to pack each day.
  • Spend the two final nights at the Mediterranean seaside town of Sant Feliu, with time to relax on its white sandy beaches.
  • And why not extend your stay and spend a few days relaxing at the beach or visiting nearby Barcelona?


Town of Olot from a distance

Day 1: Individual arrival to Olot

Your tour begins in the fascinating town of Olot, capital of Garrotxa Natural Park and located amongst volcanoes. While there you can visit one of its interesting museums or enjoy a guided tour of the modernist quarter showcasing the rich artistic influences.
beautiful landscapes around Olot

Day 2: Round trip Olot

Distance: 11-16 miles (18-26 km). Climb: 1575 ft (480 m).

This is your first day cycling, the route will take you exploring this beautiful area in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

There are many extinct volcanoes to be seen around Olot, now camouflaged amongst dense woodland, one can still guess where they are by the conical shape of the hills and the flat tops of the edge of the craters. Don't miss the curious chapel hidden in the centre of the crater of Santa Margarida.

cycling along the carrilet cycle trail

Day 3: Olot to Les Planes d'Hostoles

Distance: 16 miles (26 km). Climb: 558 ft (170 m).

Today you will cycle from Olot to Amer along the “Carrilet” rail trail. The journey takes you through several typical towns and lush landscapes.

If you fancy a dip in the afternoon the "Gorga Margarida" waterfall is a short walk away and well worth reaching!

Girona bridge and colourful houses

Day 4: Les Planes d'Hostoles to Girona

Distance: 21 miles (33 km). Climb: 33 ft (10 m).

Today the Carrilet takes you from La Celera de Ter to the Capital of the Province: Girona, a fabulous city which basks in colour and sunshine. Enjoy losing yourself in the old quarter and soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant city!
cyclists happy along the cycle trail

Day 5: Girona to Sant Feliu de Guixols

Distance: 16 miles (26 km). Climb: 459 ft (140 m).

Today you will have the opportunity to enjoy the white sands and crystal clear waters of Sant Feliu's beaches, which await you at the end of the day's route.

There are several interesting towns to stop in along the Carrilet before you reach the stunning Costa Brava of Girona.

Costa brava, the beautiful mediterranean sea

Day 6: Round trip Sant Feliu

Distance: 11-16 miles (17-25 km). Climb: 269 ft (82 m).

On this penultimate day of the journey, travellers have several great options at their disposal : they can further explore their surrounding, relax on the spectacular beaches or indulge in a refreshing dip or two.
Beach in Saint Feliu de Guixols

Day 7: Departure

A private transfer can be booked back to Girona or Barcelona or why not take the opportunity to extend your stay by the sea!


Frequent questions:

Which airport should I fly to?

Girona or Barcelona International Airports.

How do I get to the Starting Point?

There are several buses from Barcelona to Girona (Alsa Company. 1h:30m approx), and from Girona you have to take another bus to Olot (Teisa bus Girona. 1h:20m approx).

If you have booked a private transfer from us, from Girona or Barcelona airports, a taxi driver will be waiting for you at the airport gate with a sign with your name written on it.

How do I get back?

If you have requested a private taxi transfer to the airport, the taxi will be waiting for you at the hotel at the arranged time.

Otherwise, transfer to the airports by public transport:

  • The bus company TEISA ( runs a very regular service between Sant Feliu de Guixols and Girona (40m approx)
  • From Girona there is also a regular bus service to Barcelona airport and to Girona airport.

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Days 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 in pleasant, small, family-run hotels. Day 4 in a three star city hotel in the historic town of Girona, centrally located. Most hotels with swimming pools.

Hotel in Olot

Nights 1 and 2: Olot

Two nights in a traditional Catalan farmhouse that was built in the late 19th century and recently renovated in order to provide its facilities with the highest level of comfort.

Hotel in Les Planes d'Hostoles

Night 3: Les Planes d'Hostoles

An Art Nouveau hotel built in 1906 and listed as an architectural heritage site. This is a charming family-run hotel where one can enjoy some rest and a lovely dinner.

Hotel in Girona

Night 4: Girona

In summer months we tend to favour a comfortable and modern hotel with swimming pool in the outskirts of the city center while in other months we tend to use a centrally located historic hotel.

Bedroom in San Feliu de Guixols hotel

Nights 5 and 6: Sant Feliu de Guixols

We use several small hotels with swimming pool and near the beach and restaurants in this beautiful Costa Brava seaside town.

Our Bikes

Touring bikesElectric bikes

Designed to withstand heavy loads and provide high safety and comfort even after long hours of riding in the saddle, these adventure bikes will serve you well both on and off-road.

The downside to all these extra features and equipment is weight, but on a long distance tour, reliability, comfort and safety, win the day.

Gentleman's push bikeLady's push bike

  • Time tested components to stay maintenance free during the tour.
  • Broad range of gears.
  • Stable carriers for luggage transport.
  • Permanently mounted lights with a hub dynamo.
  • Comfortable sitting position and straight, adjustable handlebars.
  • Other comfort features include bike stand, mudguards and bottle holder.
  • High bar and low bar models and sizes xs to XL.
Equipment provided:
  • Odometer
  • Rear pannier
  • Map carrier
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Lock
  • Pump
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Multitool set

Touring bikesElectric bikes

Not every type of electric bike is suitable to use in a cycling tour. Most e-bikes are actually designed for city cycling rather than long distances routes.

Experience allows us to choose e-bikes with the most suitable features for touring: reliability, simple operation, long battery life and short charge time.

Electric bike

  • Time tested components to stay maintenance free during the tour.
  • Broad range of gears.
  • Stable carriers for luggage transport.
  • Permanently mounted lights with a hub dynamo.
  • Comfortable sitting position and straight, adjustable handlebars.
  • Other comfort features include bike stand, mudguards and bottle holder.
  • Sizes S to XL.
Equipment provided:
  • Odometer
  • Rear pannier
  • Map carrier
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Lock
  • Pump
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Multitool set


Basic price:

Per person in double or family room1,004 €

This includes:

  • 6 nights' accommodation. 6 breakfasts.
  • Luggage transfers between hotels.
  • Detailed maps with your trail clearly marked.
  • Itinerary description, full of recommendations for things to do and places to visit, advice and suggestions and information about your accommodation, etc.
  • Emergency support.
  • Activity insurance.

First and second child (under 12) in family room490 €

Child (under 12) in single room1,078 €

Two children (under 12) in their own double room671 €

Three children (under 12) in their own triple room584 €


Single room supplementHelp button274 €

For those travelling with others, but wanting a room to themselves each night.

Solo traveller supplementHelp button497 €

For those travelling by themselves. Do not choose the "Single room supplement" as well in this case.


Half board (dinners, drinks not included)176 €

Half board for a child144 €

E-bike hire155 €

Adult's bicycle (from 155cm)100 €

Child's bicycle (under 155cm)64 €

Child trailer75 €

Child tandem75 €

Child seat46 €

GPS rental (one per group)30 €


Taxi Girona Airport to Olot (1-6 persons)Info button117 €

Transfer time 45min

Taxi Barcelona Airport to Olot (1-6 persons)Info button222 €

Transfer time 1h 35min

Taxi Sant Feliu to Olot (1-6 persons)Info button136 €

Transfer time 1h 15min

Taxi Sant Feliu to Girona Airport (1-6 persons)Info button74 €

Transfer time 30min

Taxi Sant Feliu to Barcelona (1-6 persons)Info button197 €

Transfer time 1h 30min

Other options:(Prices on request)

Extra night(s) in Girona 

Extra night(s) in Sant Feliu 

Extra night(s) in Barcelona 

If interested, please contact us with your plans, requirements and queries,

or simply use the next "Get a quote" section, which we would recommend.

Please note

A discount may be applicable when staying at Hotel Hostal del Sol instead of Hotel Barcarola.

The catalan Tourism Tax (Tasa Turística) is payable at each hotel locally. Between 0,5€ and 2€ per night, per person.

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Basic price:

Per person in double or family room
1,004 €plusminus
First and second child (under 12) in family room
490 €plusminus
Child (under 12) in single room
1,078 €plusminus
Two children (under 12) in their own double room
671 €plusminus
Three children (under 12) in their own triple room
584 €plusminus


Single room supplement
274 €plusminus
Solo traveller supplement
497 €plusminus


Half board (dinners, drinks not included)
176 €plusminus
Half board for a child
144 €plusminus
E-bike hire
155 €plusminus
Adult's bicycle (from 155cm)
100 €plusminus
Child's bicycle (under 155cm)
64 €plusminus
Child trailer
75 €plusminus
Child tandem
75 €plusminus
Child seat
46 €plusminus
GPS rental (one per group)
30 €plusminus


Taxi Girona Airport to Olot (1-6 persons)
117 €plusminus
Taxi Barcelona Airport to Olot (1-6 persons)
222 €plusminus
Taxi Sant Feliu to Olot (1-6 persons)
136 €plusminus
Taxi Sant Feliu to Girona Airport (1-6 persons)
74 €plusminus
Taxi Sant Feliu to Barcelona (1-6 persons)
197 €plusminus
Total: *


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Other prices on request
 Extra night(s) in Girona
 Extra night(s) in Sant Feliu
 Extra night(s) in Barcelona

Please use "Notes" below to specify when. Thanks!

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I would highly recommend this holiday

Every bit of the holiday was fantastic from the moment we arrived at the airport till the moment we departed!

I would highly recommend this holiday to anyone as it was truly amazing.

Tom Cain, UK.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Tom!

Jaime, AFTC.

We loved the varied landscape

The Carrilet and Catalonia in general, is wonderful! We REALLY enjoyed the scenery, the Carrilet is amazing - what an easy ride! The little railway stations that are now cafes are great, and the small towns picturesque. The hotels were all fantastic, very different from each other and very well located for the ride. All the people we met along the way were helpful and friendly and complimented our Spanish! We loved the varied landscape, from the volcanoes to the sea - what a great contrast! The poppies were in full bloom and I have some great photos to send in for the contest!

Veronica Allan, Canada.

Thanks for your feedback Veronica. We know you had some issues with the accuracy of the roadbook and we actually reviewed the entire route from top to bottom after you pointed these out to us. We really appreciate your comments. Help for helping us improve!

Jaime, AFTC.

a joy to ride

Ivan, who brought our bikes and transferred our luggage, was excellent. He took care to fit our bikes to our requirements and brought us a brand-new odometer the second day, and set it up for us. The bikes were good quality and new. As for tyre levers, we know now that we should always check a tool kit before setting off!

As for the ride in general it is a wonderful route, a joy to ride as it is mostly straightforward and the scenery was lovely - although we had some rain, we were very lucky with the time of year. Wait till you see my poppy photos! The hotels and guest houses we stayed in were well-chosen for their location, had excellent food, and the people in all four were friendly and helpful. We would highly recommend this ride!

John Ward, Canada.

We really enjoyed our Spanish adventure.

We really enjoyed our Spanish adventure. The trip was good fun and we really loved the scenery and hospitability of the Catalan people along the way. The route was easy to follow and the Hotels were all of good standard.

We especially enjoyed our first 2 nights in the Natural Park, very peaceful indeed and our cycle to the volcano's was very interesting, the hills broke us in nicely before our pretty easy route for the week.

The pannier on the third day ripped but as soon as we reported it another one was waiting at our next Hotel, we were impressed with the service.

The only negative was the bikes tyre treads was very bare and it made braking on some surfaces difficult, new tyres would have made a big difference. This however did not spoil our holiday and we would consider booking next year on another route.

We are sorry to hear about the bare tyres! That's not good enough! We do take your safety very seriously and we did have to pull the bike rental company up on their checks to make sure this will not happen again.

Jaime, AFTC.

Going down hill to the sea made it easier

What we like on the trip was the well sign posted routes, the converted old railway stations into cafes or tourist offices. The route is great with protection from the sun with vegetation.

Going down hill to the sea made it easier we were not as fit as usual so just right. Everyone we met was helpful and the drivers are amazing after London, giving way to a cyclist is a shock and unheard of. It is like a war cycling here, so that is delightful.

Having cycle paths in the towns amazing. This really is something to be sold as a unique offering on these trips as so many English would cycle if they thought it was safer than here.

Seeing the lovely mix of ages on the bikes and in the cafes and restaurants is something we love about your country. Sun shone all week so we had the gods in our favour again.

We would recommend the trip, well organised and bikes were just right. I would have preferred not to have such large panniers or a front basket as not really needed on this route. May be one bike with this.

We did practise our Spanish and start class again this Saturday. Everyone very patient as we massacred your language. All the hotels had some facilities for bikes and were good about locking them away.

Can Jepet – good accommodation, very helpful and welcoming, had two meals there which were good. I delightful host, lovely setting.Hostal del Sol Sant Feliu – well located, helpful.

Hotel Costabella – Bit bland may be use a smaller more Spanish bed and breakfast. We wondered why these hotels do not use the local produce, for example Spanish jams and preserves instead of the packets. Fresh orange juice may be. Ricard was friendly and very accommodating. Bernard was as well but probably worried we would speak English and confuse him and ourselves! Our Spanish has improved so that makes the trip much easier.

So overall great trip, been on the Boris hire bikes this morning and it all comes back and we were in the sun again, pretending to be like Miguel Indurain! Thank you so much great time looking at what to do for next year.

Jane Hatherall, UK.

Thanks Jane.

Jaime, AFTC.

fantastic trip

We had a fantastic trip!!! It was really well organised and we really appreciate the flexibility putting together something tailored for us.

Anita Mustac, Australia

The ride was beautiful

We had a great trip. The ride was beautiful, the hotels were great and the logistics all went very smoothly. Gracias!

We chose this trip as we love biking and being outdoors and thought it was a great way to see more of the countryside up close and enjoy the towns along the way. I’ll certainly look at the Asturias trip and will send any good photos from the trip.Muchas gracias!

Jessica Cohen, USA

We look forward to hosting you back whenever it suits you!

Jaime, AFTC.

CO₂ footprint offsetting

This holiday produces a carbon footprint of 0,3053 tonnes of CO₂. This includes taxis, luggage transfers and accommodation for every traveller.

We will compensate the CO₂ footprint for each booking through tropical reforestation projects in collaboration with the CeroCO₂ platform.

Additionally, you can also offset your own flight emissions by visiting myclimate. See the link below.

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