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Relaxing by the river Eresma

What makes Away from the Crowds different from other travel companies is our commitment to the environment and to sustainable tourism.

Many of our tours take you through protected areas and Natural Parks of breath-taking beauty where you can experience first-hand the rich diversity of our natural heritage.

We also calculate the CO2 emissions of each holiday and compensate them through reforestation projects in tropical regions.

Locally, your economic input makes a big difference to fragile rural communities.

Economic Responsibility

Local market

In many areas of Spain where we work, away from mainstream tourism, this sort of holiday is a pioneering concept and is seen as a long-lasting and viable alternative.

The money that you spend on your holiday makes a real difference to the ordinary people who live in the places you visit.

  • Investing in the local community and employing local people: five full time jobs in the travel agency office and one seasonal job for our bike mechanic.
  • The hotels where our clients stay are often in "out of the way places", sometimes even remote, rural communities. The clientele is crucial to making their small businesses viable.
  • Taxi transfers, luggage transfers, bicycle hire, donkey hire, buying of artisan goods, eating out and even buying food and drink from small village shops … all make an important contribution to the local economies of the places you visit.

Environmental Responsibility

A vulture

Carbon neutral: we will compensate the CO2 footprint for each booking through a contribution to tropical reforestation projects in collaboration with the 'CeroCO2' platform.

This calculation will include taxis, transfer of luggage and hotel accommodation for every traveler.

We believe that small gestures can make a big difference and that is why, at work, we try to take steps to reduce our daily environmental impacts too. These are some of the actions we have taken:

  • Reducing the use of energy and other resources such as water.
  • Using renewable energy only through our green energy provider.
  • Recycling office material including paper, plastic, batteries and ink cartridges.
  • Disposing of bicycle components such as tires and inner tubes responsibly.
  • Choosing environmentally friendly options for bicycle lubrication and cleaning wherever possible.
  • Cycling into work whenever possible and providing benefits to those who choose to cycle into work.
  • Maximizing the tasks done with every car journey.

In choosing to travel with us you are opting for a fun, healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly way to travel in areas of special natural beauty and high value in terms of biodiversity.

So, when you choose our tours you are adding economic value to the landscapes, habitats and species that inhabit those areas and therefore strengthening the case for their protection. So your holiday helps the environment!

Social Responsibility

Shepherd and flock

Our relationship with local providers is important to us. We strive to maintain a positive working network throughout all the areas where our tours are based.

We endeavor to ensure that local businesses benefit from the sustainable tourism that we offer, thereby supporting the local economy of fragile rural communities.

In order to guarantee an authentic experience for our travelers we choose local or national providers, avoiding large international chains wherever possible. This way our travelers have the opportunity to meet friendly locals and enjoy cultural exchanges.

We pride ourselves on our tailor-made routes, meticulously planned with insightful local information regarding things to see and do off the beaten track.

Our trips are only available to individual travelers or small groups to ensure that local life is not interrupted and our travelers have the opportunity to really experience daily life as it is.